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Hi Tammy, just want to thank you for putting on the CE Classes.  You did a very nice job, lunch was great, happy to see a salad and meat separate for us people trying to shed a few pounds and can't eat pasta's or breads.  The speaker was also very good.  Learned a lot about mold.

Thank you for such a great day on Monday.  Steve was so informative and kept the day moving.  I told Carlos "American Family Agent"  it was amazing someone could talk for 6 hours on water and mold and still make it interesting.  I told Steve he reminded me so much of my brother Bill who is the golf pro.  Again, Please thank your Uncle Al for taking care of me: he was an absolute treasure.  He was so attentive to all the people attending the class and made sure everyone was being taken care of and the class was so enjoyable and everyone really enjoyed the whole day.  Nice job!!  The motel was the perfect place to have the event.  

See you soon and have a great picnic this weekend.  You all deserve the day of celebration.  The company is really developing a great reputation out there.  Love the new commercial on T.V